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Personal Injury Law

If you are injured in an accident, an attorney can help you understand the complexity of the personal injury laws and your rights and represent you in court or in negotiations with insurance companies. An attorney can also arrange for expert witnesses to prove your case.

Errol Kantor has more than 48 years experience in personal injury law. He can help you determine what losses you can recover, including medical expenses, lost income, future income, recompense for pain and suffering, and punitive damages if appropriate. 

There are variety of personal injury cases, including such categories as:

• Vehicular accidents
• Aviation accidents
• Workers' compensation
• Nursing home neglect and/or exploitation
• Bicycle accidents
• Boating and watercraft accidents
• Inadequate security/safety
• Dangerous and defective products
• Medical malpractice

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much are legal fees in personal injury cases?

A. Legal fees in an injury case are assessed on a "contingency basis."  Attorney fees are generally one-third of the award granted by the court, plus the attorney's costs in conducting the case.  If there is no recovery of losses to you, there may not be a charge for Mr. Kantor's services.

Q. What if the insurance company offers to settle with me?

A. It would be a good idea to first get legal advice to help you with such questions as:

Do you know the full extent of your injuries?

How long they will last?

How difficult the recovery process might be?

How much income you will lose, not just in the time you are out of work, but afterwards?

How much money is traditionally recoverable by persons who are similarly injured who have legal representation?

The insurance company most likely knows the answers to these questions but it is doubtful they will tell you. An experienced lawyer can help you the answers.

Q. Is there a time limit to when I can file a personal injury claim?

A. You should be aware of the laws, called "statutes of limitations," that limit the time in which you have to file. If you miss your state's deadline, you will lose your right to recover compensation in court, and will be forced to abandon your claim altogether.

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